General Knowledge for School Students in 2018 – 2019

GK for School Students and Kids 2017, Students GK in Hindi & English, Kids GK from 1 to 10 class. General Knowledge for Students of Schools 2017

I know that how it feels when teachers ask you something about GK, and you are stand up in the class like a tree. Cause it’s not easy to learn General Knowledge questions and answers in a mean time. 

That’s why you must read the GK from the starting of your growing age. In school, you must read and time to time learn new current general knowledge. Here are the latest General Knowledge and current affairs for School Kids or Scholar.

gk for school students

GK for School Students 2017

Here is the list of important questions for school students:

What is the Capital of India?
New Delhi.

What is the Area of India?
32,87,263 Square KM.

List of great lakes of India?
Vular, Chilka, Dal, Sambhar.

Name the largest District of India?
Ladakh (82,6665 Square KM).

Longest beach in India?
Marina Beach, Chennai.

Longest River Bridge of India?
Mahatma Gandhi Setu(Ganga-Patna)

Longest Road in India?
Grand Truck Road?

The highest mountain in India?
Godwin Austin (K2)

Largest Desert of India?
Thar (Rajasthan)

Largest Museum of India?
Indian Museum (Kolkata).

Most Busiest Bridge of India?
Havda Bridge.

Air Force Acadamy is situated in which city?

Famous Book Bhagavad Gita was written by which Writer?
Ved Vyas (Sanskrit).

The Famous book Panchatantra was written by?
Vishnu Sharma.

Most spoken language in India?

The largest lake in the India?
Vular Lake, Kashmir.

Largest artificial lake of India?
Gobind Sagar, Bhakhra.

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