SSC MTS GK 2017 [ SSC Multitasking (non-technical) ]

Here is the latest MTS General knowledge in English or Hindi for the upcoming SSC Multitasking exam. Learn all new GK of Indian history and current affairs her for crack the staff selection MTS exam in a month.

ssc mts gk

Below are the GK of SSC MTS. Current GK of SSC MTS recruitment 2017 – 2018. It’s been tough every day to crack any govt. the exam that’s why we are providing the latest GK to our readers every day. If you like these gk Questions which are given below then do like and subscribe to our website.

SSC MTS GK 2017 

(Q1-4) In the following questions, select the related word/letter/number from the given alternatives.
1. Furniture : Carpenter :: Statue : ?
    (a) Sculptor 
    (b) Engineer
    (c) Painter
    (d) Potter
2.  Snake : Reptile :: Bat : ?
    (a) Ball
    (b) Cricket
    (c) Mammal
    (d) Bird
3. ABC : ZYX :: ?  :  XYZ
    (a) BCA
    (b) XZY
    (c) ACB
    (d) CBA

4. 18 : 27 :: 60 : ?

    (a) 72

    (b) 81
    (c) 90
    (d) 100

SSC MTS GK (Non-technical Staff)

1. Which is the second most populous state of India as per Census 2011?
    (a)  Maharashtra
    (b)  Bihar
    (c)  West Bengal
    (d)  Rajasthan

2. Which of the following countries has a Parliamentary form of Goverment?

   (a)  United States of America
   (b)  France
   (c)  New Zealand
   (d)  Cuba

3. The concept of Judical Review has been borrowed from the constitution of

    (a) USA
    (b) USSR
    (c) France
    (d) Great Britain

4. In the constitution of India, the budget is known as
 (a) Annual Budget Statement.
 (b) Annual Expenditure Statement.
 (c) Annual Finacial Statement.
 (d) Annual Revenue Statement.

5. Who is the supreme Commander – in – Chief of the armed forces?

 (a) President
 (b) Vice – President.
 (c) Prime Minister.
 (d) Defence Minister

6. Santa Xruz is

 (a) an International airport in Mumbai.
 (b) a Domestic airport in Mumbai.
 (c) an International airport in Chennai.
 (d) a domestic airport in Chennai

7. Who is the father of biology?

 (a) Aristotle
 (b) Pasteur
 (c) Lamarck
 (d) Robert Hooke

8. The smallest unit of classification is

 (a) Family
 (b) Order
 (c) Species
 (d) Genus

9. Clove is a

 (a) Fruit
 (b) Seed
 (c) Dried Flower Bud
 (d) Flower

10. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of

 (a) Nuclear Fission
 (b) Nuclear Fusion
 (c) Double Decomposition
 (d) Artificial Radioactivity

So, these are the most important questions which are taken from the old and previous papers.

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