100 Rajasthan GK Questions and Answers 2018

100 Rajasthan GK Questions and Answers 2018: The candidates of Rajasthan looking for the General Knowledge of 2018, are suggested to read the whole article to prepare yourself for the upcoming exam of the Rajasthan Patwari, Police Constable, and Other State Level Government Exams. The Rajasthan GK Questions and Answers provided here are regularly repeated in the written test are very useful for upcoming examination.

The job aspirants are advised to read and print out the whole article for preparation of Government Examination. The Top 100 Rajasthan GK Questions include the Rajasthan GK of History, Politics, Geography and Cultural subjects. These questions are revised mostly in the Rajasthan Patwari & Constable examination. For more General Knowledge of Rajasthan State, you can check out the below given articles.

Rajasthan gk questions 2018

Top 100 Rajasthan GK Questions & Answers 2018

Here are the top 100 Rajasthan General Knowledge questions for the upcoming exams of the Rajasthan Government. Check out below questions:-

1. Which of these cities is associated with the ‘Bunny Thuni’ painting style?
Ans: Kishangarh.

2. What is the name of the state bird of Rajasthan?
Ans: Godavana.

3. Where is the Jinn temple situated?
Ans: Seekar.

4. Where is the Maharani College located in Rajasthan?
Ans: Jaipur.

5. Which is the famous city named after Marble City?
Ans: Kishangarh.

6. Where is the tire tube factory located in Rajasthan?
Ans: Kankroli.

7. Where is the fort of Taragarh located in Rajasthan?
Ans: Ajmer or Bundi.

8. Bharatpur is related to which royal family?
Ans: Jaat.

9. Who is the author of “Gundaraj of Jaisalmer”?
Ans: Sagarmal Gopa.

10. What was the name of the husband of Meerabai?
Ans: Bhojraaj.

11. Which language is spoken in Udaipur area?
Ans: Mewadi.

12. Where did “Badshah” Fair celebrate in Rajasthan State?
Ans: Vyavar.

13. Where is the “Chorasi Khambon wali Chatri” located?
Ans: Bundi.

14. Which city is said to be the city of lakes?
Ans: Udaipur.

15. Panchana Dam is located in which district?
Ans: Karoli.

16. What type of Anta Power Plant is it?
Ans: Gas.

17. Gogunda is located in which district?
Ans: Udaipur.

18. Which of these districts of Rajasthan has the highest biogas plants?
Ans: Udaipur.

19. Which is India’s largest river valley project?
Ans: Bhakhra.

20. Where is the first super thermal powerhouse located in Rajasthan?
Ans: Suratgarh.

21. Where is the production of Sela Basmati rice in Rajasthan?
Ans: Bundi.

22. Who was the founder of Jaipur city?
Ans: Jaisingh – II

23. “American Cotton” is found in which district of Rajasthan?
Ans: Shri Ganganagar.

24. In which language did Prithviraj Rathore write compositions?
Ans: Dingal.

25. Which hills fall under the middle mountain range?
Ans: Merwada Pahadiyan.

26. Where is the mustard oil center located in Rajasthan?
Ans: Alwar.

27. Where was cement factory first established in Rajasthan?
Ans: Kota.

28. Where is the cable manufacturing factory located in Rajasthan?
Ans: Kota.

29. Where is the Phulavari Nal Wildlife Sanctuary located?
Ans: Udaipur.

30. In which Hindu Month “Ghudla” festival is celebrated in Rajasthan?
Ans: Chaitra.

31. Which is the driest place in Rajasthan?
Ans: Phalodi.

32. Name the river separating Dungarpur and Banswara in Rajasthan?
Ans: Mahi River.

33. Where is the Baretha dam in Rajasthan?
Ans: Bharatpur.

34. Chulia falls on which river?
Ans: Chambal.

35.Where is the origin of the river Looni?
Ans: Ana Sagar.

36. In Rajasthan, which district has the highest number of forests?
Ans: Udaipur.

37. Where are the desert forestry and the land conservation center located?
Ans: Jodhpur.

38. What is the largest producer of manganese metal in Rajasthan?
Ans: Banswada.

39. Where is Tungsten Khan located in India?
Ans: Degana Nagour.

40. In which district is the Jhamhar Kotada region located?
Ans: Udaipur.

41. Where did the treasure of diamond be found in Rajasthan?
Ans: Kesarpura.

42. Where is the repository of Bentonite in Rajasthan?
Ans: Jhalawad.

43. In which area do yellow building stones get?
Ans: Jaisalmer.

44. Where in Rajasthan is the largest mine lead located?
Ans: Jawar.

45. Where is black stone found in abundance in Rajasthan?
Ans: Sirohi.

46. Where is garnet found most?
Ans: Tonk.

47. What is the area of Rajasthan?
Ans: 342239 Square KM.

48. What is the total length of the Aravali mountain range in Rajasthan?
Ans: 550 KM.

49. Which is the highest mountain peak of the Aravali mountain range?
Ans: Guru Shikhar.

50. Where is the highest rainfall in Rajasthan?
Ans: Jhalawad.

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51. Udia Plateau is located in which district?
Ans: Sirohi.

52. What is the hottest place in Rajasthan?
Ans: Churu.

53. Where is the coldest place in Rajasthan?
Ans: Mount Abu.

54. Which is the second largest saltwater lake in India?
Ans: Sambhar.

55. Which is the Highest lake in Rajasthan?
Ans: Nakki Lake.

56. Banganga flows in which three districts of Rajasthan?
Ans: Jaipur, Dosa or Bharatpur.

57. Where is the origin of the river Banas?
Ans: Khamnour.

58. On which date Rajasthan Day is celebrated?
Ans: 30 March.

59. Who gave Maharana Pratap his property?
Ans: Bhamashah.

60. Who was the founder of Ajmer?
Ans: Ajairaj.

61. Where is the coronation of Maharana Pratap?
Ans: Gogunda.

62. Where is Kalibanga located?
Ans: Hanumaan Garh.

63. Where are the monasteries of Buddhism found in Rajasthan?
Ans: Virat Nagar (Jaipur).

64.Where are the archives of Rajasthan located?
Ans: Bikaner.

65. Who was the founder of the Mewar community?
Ans: Manikya Lal Verma.

66. Which is the smallest national highway in Rajasthan?
Ans: NH – 3.

67. Where and when did the first train in Rajasthan?
Ans: In 1974, from Agra Fort to Bandikui.

68. Where is India’s largest railway model room?
Ans: Udaipur.

69. Irda dam is built on which river?
Ans: Banaas.

70. What is the name of the river Luni?
Ans: Lavnati.

71. Name the first woman president of Rajasthan Assembly?
Ans: Mrs. Sumitra Singh.

72. Who is the Iron Man of Rajasthan?
Ans: Damodarlal Vyas.

73. What is the height of gurushikhara?
Ans: 1722 Meters.

74. Which districts of Rajasthan have no river?
Ans: Bikaner or Churu.

75. Where is the Koliath lake?
Ans: Bikaner.

76. Dev Somnath Temple is located in which district?
Ans: Dongarpur.

77. What is the state animal of Rajasthan?
Ans: Chinkara.

78. Which city is also known as the pride of Rajasthan?
Ans: Chittorgarh.

79. What is the state flower of Rajasthan?
Ans: Rohida.

80. Where is the famous temple of Sheetla Mata located?
Ans: Chakusu in Jaipur.

81. Which ruler is called Abhinav Bharatacharya?
Ans: Maharana Kumbha.

82. Which is the longest river in Rajasthan?
Ans: Chambal.

83. Where is the headquarters of Rajasthan High Court located?
Ans: Jodhpur.

84. Where is the headquarters of Rajasthan High Court located?
Ans: Jodhpur.

85. Who was the first woman minister of Rajasthan?
Ans: Kamla Beniwal.

86. Who is Abul Fazal of Rajasthan?
Ans: Mahanot Nancy.

87. Which city is famous for the Theva Arts?
Ans: Pratapgarh.

88. Which city is called the City of Waterways?
Ans: Deg (Bharatpur)

89. Where is gold found in Rajasthan?
Ans: Banswara & Dungarpur.

90. How many districts are there in Rajasthan?
Ans: 33.

91. How many subdivisions are there in Rajasthan?
Ans: 244.

92. Where is the only Ravana Temple in North India?
Ans: Jodhpur.

93. Which is the birthplace of Meera Bai of Rajasthan?
Ans: Merta City.

94. Where is the Rajasthan Secretariat ruled?
Ans: Jaipur.

95. Where is the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi located?
Ans: Jodhpur.

96. Which city is given the status of Textile Exporter Nagar?
Ans: Bhilwara.

97. Vashishta and Varnasa are the nicknames of which river?
Ans: Banaas.

98. Which river provides the highest water supply to Rajasthan?
Ans: Banaas.

99. Which is the highest river water in Rajasthan?
Ans: Chambal.

100. What is the name of the ‘Kakni’ river in the following?
Ans: Masuradi.

These are the most important and revised questions and Answers of Rajasthan GK. The questions provided here are the most important questions for the upcoming exams of the Reet, Patwari and Teachers Examinations. If you want more Rajasthan GK Questions and Answers then bookmarks this web page we will publish the more Rajasthan GK in upcoming days.

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